If you are an online entrepreneur, service professional, coach or consultant looking to generate more income while creating more leverage in your biz, then you probably know that you need to create a website

So I’ll spare you the spiel

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that’s already been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial mind

After all, you probably already know that creating a successful website is the key tipping point that will allow you to leverage your time, impact more people, and scale your business to true profitability

5 Factors That Affect The Conversion Rate Of Your Website


Even if you’re lucky enough to take advantage of the internet to promote your business as an online entrepreneur, coach, or consultant… having your own website can:

  • COMMAND HIGHER RATES: Even if you’re happy with your hourly rate, once you have a successful website on the internet, your perception and authority in the online world skyrockets, allowing you to command higher fees for your precious(non-scalable) time…. And get it
  • BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST: You most probably have heard that the money is in the list and by offering free packages on your website, you can quickly build a raving list of targeted buyers that are willing to pay you any mount to order for your products/services

  • INSTANTLY RAISE YOUR INDUSTRY CELEBRITY AND AUTHORITY: This can lead to speaking gigs, book deals, valuable partnership, and all sorts of exciting and unexpected opportunities that add new revenue streams to your business

  • GENERATE CONSISTENT, RELIABLE CASHFLOW:  Having your own website puts you in complete control of your profits. You’ll no longer have to rely on hustling for clients, or waiting for the word of mouth testimonials before you get your next big client. Instead, you’ll bring in predictable and sustainable revenues that gives you the freedom to scale your biz and confidently capitalize on new opportunities for growth

Even though the reasons to create a website are a complete no-brainer,  the process involved in creating one is anything BUT


But Where Do I Start?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments you’ve made the commitment to start

You’ve jotted down domain name ideas in a Google Doc, sent out surveys to existing customers, designed a logo, gotten all giddy over potential revenues and maybe even have a perfect mental picture of how your website will look like

If you’re super committed, maybe you even checked out the things you need to create a successful website on impulse, assuring yourself that you’d use it in the mystical(yet elusive) “someday”

But even with the best intentions, most online entrepreneurs, coach and business owners end up abandoning the project, allowing competitors to swoop in and take a stab while they remain sidelined

Here’s why most business owners abandon the project:

Because they are completely new to this and don’t have any experience, most business owners get completely lost in the world of technicality that comes with setting up their website

They fall victim to paralyzing tech hangup(the experts always make it sound soooo easy), a time sucking sticking point, or lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do next to set up their website

They soon realize that it might take them weeks, even months before they can successfully host their website online thereby eating up their time that would have been channeled into acquiring new clients

Here’s why this is irreversibly crippling

As an already busy entrepreneur with clients to serve, services to fulfil, and maybe even a day job to get to, you literally cannot afford to veer off course or waste valuable time

And the moment you get lost in your quest to get your website done by yourself, it’s almost impossible to recover

Therefore, designing a website is one of the few things in your business that you need to handle to a professional

And luckily for you, there are actually very few people out there who can give you the best

In all likelihood, your competition have either paid cheap so-called “gooroos” who have created crap websites or created something ineffective themselves that nobody is seeking for their service

Which means…

Even if you’re late to the party, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up the mess(and convert your business into solid profit)

That is… if you can avoid the same mistakes that your competitors are making

The 4 reasons most websites flops(and how to guarantee yours won’t)

UNDERSTANDING THE PROJECT SIZE(or worse, not treating it like a project)

Building a particular website isn’t particularly hard or complicated

But there are MANY moving pieces and potential failure points along the way

What domain name to use, How to host your website online? What themes and plugins to use? How to write effective email campaigns? Color combinations? 

These are just some of the many questions you’ll have to answer along the way

Most business owners/entrepreneurs approach their websites as just another “thing to do or learn”. But the thing is, you can’t treat website design as just another “strategy” , “tactic”, or “system”. It’s an immensely valuable(and fragile) project that when done right, can earn you revenue and land you whale clients over the course of it’s lifetime

Time to respect it for what it is - A PROJECT - and approach it accordingly

LACK OF A WELL-PLANNED DIGITAL MARKETING STRUCTURE: One of the main reasons why websites fail is due to a lack of promotion.

Once your website is live you need to attract and drive quality visitors(People With Money) to it

Many times, most business owners leave their website in the hands of cheap professionals that do nothing to expose the websites to quality people that need their services

This can be achieved through the following marketing channels;

Organic visitors from Google

Social media

Paid social advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)

Pay-Per-Click advertising (Google Ads)

Email campaigns

If you’re not actively marketing your website, your business is not going to reach its full potential. 

A website can work wonders for your business if it’s marketed properly and will increase your customer enquiries and sales.

POORLY DESIGNED WEBSITES: A major reason why websites fail is poor website design.

A poor design will not win your business any points when customers are comparing your website with a competitor’s.

The design of your site should match your business message and branding, be pleasing to look at without obstructing information, and have a clear call to action e.g. “call today”, “complete the form”.

If your website looks out of date and doesn’t match your brand, customers will think your products or services are out of date and will favour your competitor.

NOT OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE DEVICES: According to research, more than 77% of the people that will visit your website will do so using a mobile phone

What does this tell you?

Websites not optimised for mobile devices will appear small, look broken and dated. Mobile optimised websites are the standard now and visitors don’t want to waste time resizing pages, searching for the menu, trying to tap links and generally getting frustrated

I could go on and on and on...

Shhhhhhh… I’m going to let you in on a Dirty Little Secret

Even though having a website for your business is MASSIVE, not everyone owns one

Let alone have one that can pull in consistent clients every time

Only a handful really utilize the potential of their websites

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that your competitors are doing it wrongly


But as long as you avoid the biggest blunders that sinks most business owners, the path is paved for you and your client acquisition website

One that allows you to command respect, authority, get a bucket full of quality clients, create more income while scaling your biz to true profitability

Creating our website was a daunting task for us. We wanted to achieve something fast from our company's plan but needed an expert to help us achieve the goal. Ayo came in and within 7 days, the website design was completed and of course, was absolutely fantastic. It exceeded our expectation. Truly, what he offers is a complete solution for result-driven businesses. It has really been a great ride having him onboard

Rita Alapini / Director

The key ingredient to all of this is HIRING a DONE - FOR - YOU PROFESSIONAL

And with your permission, I’d love to show you what this is about

Before I tell you about this, I should introduce myself. My name is Adesemoye Ayodele Samuel.

I started out in business as an Electrical Engineer… But I have always had an interest in creative designs including Website Design, Graphics Design, UI/UX Design as well as writing

Infact, I first began fine-tuning what became my professional service back in 2018, in order to create websites for my those who really value my services and over the years, I have honed my skills to the best of my abilities

My desire to create mobile responsive, client-acquisition websites and the success I’ve had made me consider writing(Copywriting & email marketing) which I have added to the services of my clients

I enjoy spending time writing, teaching my expertise online and also looking for ways to help my clients achieve more from their websites

But in the design world, the work I’m most proud of - and what I’m writing to share with you - is what I have used time and time again to help my clients achieve their business goals

What I hope to give you as an end result is a profitable long term client acquisition website that has a consistent flow of People With Money on a daily basis(up to 30 days) while also integrating email marketing to help you retarget those who show interest in acquiring your services or products

My DONE-FOR-YOU package is focused entirely on making sure that you not only have a website, but a website that helps you achieve your business goals. 

You will get the service of a professional that takes nothing for granted, pays attention to details, is time conscious, focuses on the “nitty-gritty” of both the customer and client’s expectations, have the business goals and desires at the back of his mind

You will get a website that helps you

  • Acquire big clients
  • Sell more products
  • Gain popularity
  • Improve your brand
  • Establish your online presence and authority
  • Saves you time
  • Enhance valuable partnership
  • Open new opportunities to have more income


  • One Year Free Domain & Hosting 
    Your domain and hosting registered for you and on your behalf and the bill for the next 12 months is on us.
  • Free SSL Certificate. 
    How does an extra layer of security sound to you? Yes, we will make sure that your website is safe for all parties involved.
  • Unlimited Business Emails. 
    A business email can easily set you apart from your competitors. We will help you create as much as you want(your dog could even have one, you can't tell when it might come handy).
  • Livechat Integration. 
    Ease of access to quality information and a representative can boost your website conversion by a whooping 15%. What can an extra 15% do for you? I bet a lot
  • SEO Optimization 
    Get your website optimized with our SEO strategy and get unlimited targeted buyers to your website without spending a single dime on ads
  • Google Map Integration. 
    Who knows... That big client might want to drop in to say hi... Wouldn't it be nice to let him get to your place with the help of Google Map?
  • Site Backup
    You don't have to worry about losing your files. We will help you backup your site on a secure server so that you never lose important information
  • 30 Days Social Media Marketing Campaign
    We help you drive quality traffic to your website for free(at no extra charge) for 30 Days so that you can get consistent flow of client every single day
  • Autoresponder Integration
    Want to start building your list? Our autoresponder integration helps you achieve that so that you can have a list of targeted buyers that are willing to become paid clients
  • 7 Days Email Campaign Sequence
    You have an email list already? You are just starting to build that list? We will write a compelling 7 Days Email Sequence for you so you don't need to worry how to engage them or ask them to buy
  • Unlimited Revision
    Want to change how  a page looks? Color? Logo? Navigation? Whatever it is you want us to do, we are available to sort them out for you as soon as possible

So what would it be worth to you and your business if…

In just 10 days from now, you were in possession of an amazing profitable client acquisition, cash spitting website you have been dreaming about

Your only job is just to provide your service to those that truly needs it and are willing to pay as much as you can charge

Your calendar is filled with meeting with big clients that would catapult your revenue much more than you have planned

You have to choose who you work with, how much you want

You could finally have a valuable and time leveraged premium services in your hands that allows you to earn more income, and enjoy more freedom in your life and business

You had everything(I mean EVERYTHING) done for you so that you never have to face the dreaded question of “what do I do next”

You had the more brain-tasking of writing emails eliminated so that you don’t have to worry about what you have to send to your email list

You avoid unnecessary backend outsourcing expenses that most business owners run into

When you order today, you also get the following extra services for free!

  1. 1
    Extra 7 Days Email Campaign Sequence: What about if you don't have to worry about writing emails for another 7 days, how much freedom will you have? I bet a lot
  2. 2
    Sales Funnels For 3 Different Products: Your Optin Page, Thank you Page, Sales Page, Upsell Pages all done for you for 3 different products. Having those extra services in a funnel can do your world a lot of good
  3. 3
    1 Year Free Website Maintenance: We regularly help you check for issues, bugs and also make sure it is well updated and relevant so that your website is in good health and continue to generate clients for you consistently

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of N750,000!(ridiculously small compared to the value of the assets you’ll be getting)

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the first wave of entrepreneurs building their websites the RIGHT WAY( and thus establishing more authority), I’m giving you the opportunity to get my done for you package at a special promo price of just...


Here's What Sam Had To Say About My Services

"I've known Ayo for 3 years now and for every time we work on a project, his professional services are top notch. I highly recommend him for all your website design projects"

Samuel Akinyode
- CEO, Revive Agriculture Nigeria


Yes, waiting on the sidelines up to this point has opened up the doors for you to:

  • Allow your competitors to make critical mistakes in their website creation(so that you can learn from their mistakes)

  • Swoop in and save your target audience the despair and disillusionment that other business owners have left them in

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

But the time to capitalize on this unique opportunity isn’t in 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years from now. It’s TODAY. Right here, Right Now

Everyday, people in your audience are investing their hard earned money heavily in getting services(of your direct competitors) with the hopes of overcoming their biggest problems or achieving their biggest dreams

This is cash that could be landing in your account… but only if you get started and host your website today

Also, your competitors are looking for ways to improve their online status and get all the big fish for themselves(you honestly don’t want to allow that)

And since I’ll be building the website for 10 days, I can only work with just 3 people in a month(3 people won’t be hard to come by, would it?) which means that if you are not part the first set of people for this month, you will have to wait till next month and by then the price might increase


  • 1 Year Free Domain & Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Business Emails
  • Live Chat Integration
  • SEO Optimization
  • Site Backup
  • Google Map Integration
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • 7 Days Email Campaign Sequence
  • 30 Days Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Unlimited Revision

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

A 30 - Day “Own It, Use It” Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve done everything in my power to show you why this is a no-brainer for you. I know it works because I have done this for other people . However, if you are on the fence… or if other professional services have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to “Own it, Use It” with absolute confidence

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS  to go through everything I promised to do on your website and realize yourself just how amazing it feels to own your website ready to be used to bring in consistent clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are other professionals doing the same thing?

How long do I have to wait to get my website?

What if I don't have a list?

Do I have to pay all at once?

Can I affiliate for your services?

You Don't Need Permission

You don’t need to wait until you have an email list

You don’t need to cry foul when your competitors are upscaling their business and income while you let valuable time slip away

You don’t need to wait until your business is a full time thing

And you definitely don’t need to wait for that “magical someday” where your time frees up, the stars align and somehow all your other worries and responsibilities slips away(hint, it doesn’t exist)

If you really want a client acquisition website that helps you take on big clients, make more money, impact the global economy and give to the freedom to live the life you want, then the only permission you need is the permission you give yourself… and the Done - For - You Website that gets you there

Yes, I’m ready to give myself permission knowing that I’m protected by a full 60 day money back guarantee


  • 1 Year Free Domain & Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Business Emails
  • Live Chat Integration
  • SEO Optimization
  • Site Backup
  • Google Map Integration
  • 7 Days Email Campaign Sequence
  • 30 Days Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Unlimited Revision

This DFY Package Is For You If...

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to get this client acquisition website package and have your profitable website done for you and ready to use in just 10 days

You already have some sort of online business(coaching, course creator, consulting, done for you services, e-commerce, professional service)

You know that having a website is your next big move, one that will create more freedom, impact and income, but have run into a brick wall every time you’ve tried to do it

You truly feel that you can serve your audience in a unique, powerful and more effective way than the current offerings out there in your market, and you refuse to watch other marketed competitors beat you to the punch ever again

You don’t mind(even welcome) the extra interaction and strategies that comes with this package… especially when it comes to growing your business and how you can acquire more clients

You are willing to finally get your website online over the next 14 day , knowing that all those sexy and exciting marketing funnel strategies will be 1,000,000x more powerful once you actually have a client-acquisition website in your hands

So if any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to welcome you to my DONE FOR YOU Package and reward your sacrifice with the most complete Client-Acquisition Website available

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

P.S: If you have any question, simply send me an email on or text me on Whatsapp on 08116883781 and I'll respond to all your questions ASAP

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