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The Lazy Man Approach To Affiliate Marketing – Make Your First Sale Today

by Bodzilla
The lazy man approach to affiliate marketing

If you have been looking for an easy way to profit from your affiliate marketing business, then you need to read this

Affiliate marketing is a business model that has been around since 1989 and has grew into a $12 billion in the last 31 years and has been projected to reach about $21 billion by the year 2023. It shows, therefore, that it is an industry we can all tap in

When it comes to selling other people’s product, we tend to see it as a daunting task especially when it involves doing it online. Most people think it involves forcing people to buy what they don’t want. Some people think it’s just about running PPC(pay-per-click) campaigns, setting up expensive autoresponders and what not

Well, to really scale up your affiliate business, you have to venture into building a list either on Whatsapp or Email

Either ways, there is always a lazy man approach to this that can easily make you your first sales online without running paid advertisement and setting up emails

I first tried this approach I’m about to share with you when I joined my affiliate network. And the result, well, not too massive, was enough to get me started with doing PPC

This approach takes time though but it can pay huge dividend if you are patient enough to believe that affiliate marketing truly works

Traffic generation is the soul of every business. If you fail to generate traffic to your business, it will die a slow and painful death. Hence, why large corporations spends millions of dollars running ads just to show their product to relevant people. And for some startups or individuals, competing with these big companies would mean spending above their budget

So the next best thing is to do this use what I call the Lazy man Approach

So, what is this lazy man approach to affiliate marketing?

Pushing Out Content That Relates To Your Affiliate Product

Content marketing is the sure-fire way of driving traffic to your affiliate product if you are not doing any PPC campaigns

Look around you, there are a lot of people who are currently not where they want to be and the only way to reach them is by dishing out contents that speaks to their current situations

And where can you put out content?

On your social media platforms – Facebook Timeline, facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and every platfrom you are active in

But putting out content is much more than just signing up to an affiliate network and blasting your affiliate links all over social media. This could get you banned in no time. You have to be strategic to drive lots of traffic to your affiliate product

Where do you get content ideas from?

Industry Experts

  • You can take a walk into Youtube and watch video relating to your affiliate product, jot down a few points and create a content around it
  • You can also read books relating to that same niche and share with your audience

When you do this, people see you as an authority in your field and would most likely inquire about how you can help them. You can then introduce the affiliate product

Let’s say you are promoting a product in the health niche, say a Diabetes product that helps people cure diabetes in 2 weeks. You could make some research about how to cure diabetes and share your findings with your audience on social media. People would definitely read and apply some of these findings(so make sure you put out the right information)

Or you could tell a story about a person that beat diabetes twice in a space of 2 years with your affiliate product.

This is of course the lazy man approach and you might not achieve success overnight but you have to be consistent with your message

Tip: Make sure your social media pages is cleaned up from garbage and what not. People tend to go through your profile to be sure that they are getting the right information from the right person

You can simply take this lazy approach and apply them to your affiliate business today and your content might bring in your first sale today.

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