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Yipee!!! You Made It Through The Crazy 2020...


From The Desk Of Sam Harvard

Abuja, Nigeria.

As a law abiding citizen who's only trying to survive in this harsh economy, there were times in our lives when we've heard and believed the idea of...

"If You Work Very Hard,

Someday You'd Become Rich"


So we go to school to study hard for a degree...

Hustling from one JOB opportunity to another...

We create products & register new businesses everyday...  

We even jump at every investment and Ponzi scheme...

Hoping that someday we'll become FINANCIALLY FREE.

And Then Fast Forward To 2021...

Unfortunately, nothing has really changed

Is that your story right now? Is that why you are here? Have you worked so hard to become successful so you could live your dreams, but nothing much to show for your diligence after many years.

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?

Maybe you had a great job and a very profitable business until COVID-19 turned the tide against you. And you still haven't bounced back yet.

Now, you just can't help but to compare

The Rising Cost of Living...
With The Red Figure In Your Bank Balance?
And you're asking yourself... "How Will I Survive This 2021?"


Hello, my name is Sam Harvard and I don't think anyone reading this letter could be as BROKE as I was 4 years ago.

You see, back in January 2016 during the recession... I was practically homeless!

Born into a very poor family with 2 younger siblings, raised by a single mom and graduated with a 3rd class after 8years, I had no hope of getting a good job and the future looked VERY dim.

But I knew I had to do something about my life else I'd die poor & wretched!

To cut the long story short

Fast forward to September that same year...

Something BIG Happened That

Changed My Life Forever

  • I moved into one of the most expensive apartments in town
  • Had over N27Million in my bank account at that time
  • Hired TWO gate men on my payroll guarding my house
  • Bought TWO luxury cars (one for my late mom)

I have documented my journey, experience and a step-by-step blueprint of the same business model that myself and BIG brands like Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, Jumia, Alibaba, etc have used to build a highly profitable online business in a globally connected economy

...and that BLUEPRINT is what I want to

deliver into your hands this SATURDAY

Could this be the opportunity

you've been waiting for...?


Trainer & Business Coach Expert

Join Me This SATURDAY on a


I'd be revealing to you how I used Jeff Bezos' AMAZON model to launch a crazy online business that earned me over $1Million in 6 Months. And how you too can leverage the same model to build a fortune for yourself...even if you had ZERO capital, NO marketing skill and NO product to sell.
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IMPORTANT - This FREE training is limited to 500 people only and fills up really fast...RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW!

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