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5 Whatsapp Broadcast Secret You Must Implement To Make Huge Sales On Whatsapp

by Bodzilla
5 Whatsapp Broadcast Secret You Must Implement To Make Huge Sales On Whatsapp

Back in 2019, when I started my business, I didn’t know what to do to make people patronize me.

I was posting on my Whatsapp status, hosted classes and did a lot of giveaways but I didn’t sell as much as I wanted until I discovered the secrets I’m about to share with you

These secrets was first discovered by my millionaire friend who did 500k in 15 days selling his products on Whatsapp.

I have used these same tricks for my business too and the result have been phenomenal

Before I share these secrets with you, you need to understand that broadcast list is just one of the powerful tools on that you can use to sell your products just like many others that have utilized these tool to their advantage

So if you have created your broadcast list, it’s better that you do so now

1. Your broadcast messages should deliver a lot of value

You don’t want to start promoting your products to your broadcast list immediately you add them to it.

Deliver value. Stories work well, also use it as a medium to build connection with your audience


2. Your broadcast message must be like a private message

When sending your messages, make sure you personalize the messages so it looks as if you are sending it to an individual.

Messages like Hello people, Hi guys is a no-no


3. Don’t send a long copy in your broadcast messages

Don’t send a long message

Break it down in pieces.

It’s better to send it in 10 places than sending it once.

People would easily know that it is a broadcast message and they won’t read


4. Always ask for feedback on every broadcast you send

You can use your broadcast to ask for feedback, get vital information, do a quick survey, ask about your customer service and where you can serve them better

You can even use it to ask about offers that you can create for them.


5. Use your broadcast to get them to read your status(where your offer is)

Use this tool to engage and ask them to check your status for important information.

If you posted an offer on your status, send a message to notify them of the latest development on your status and you are sure that they would check and even buy your offer


These secrets are just a fraction of what you can use the Broadcast tool to do on Whatsapp

If you’d like to learn more about Whatsapp Marketing, drop a comment in the comment section below

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