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5 Factors That Affect The Conversion Rate Of Your Website

by Bodzilla
5 Factors That Affect The Conversion Rate Of Your Website
Having a website is every business owner’s dream because of the authority and competitive advantage it brings.

But alas, despite the fact that there are over 100 million websites in the world today, most business owners still complain about not having enough customers or their customers converting into sales
In my 2 years journey designing websites, I have used different metrics to measure conversion and also test so many things I’ll be sharing with you
In this article, I’ll list 5 reasons why your website may not be converting as much as you like


1. Lack of SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is an important part of your website.

Your website content has to align with what people search on Google.
The blog section of your website has to have content that people search for on Google
If your website is not optimized for SEO, then you won’t have a lot of organic reaches

2. Visual Clutter

Color and simplicity is everything

When you have too much color on your website or not enough white spaces between your content, it strains the eyes, and therefore, people won’t want to stay on the website

3. Not Mobile Responsive

: Remember that 70% of your target audience would check out your website from their mobile phone

If your website is not mobile responsive, people won’t stay long on your website or check out what you have to offer

4. Bad User Experience

: How do you want your audience to feel when they land on your website?

Bad? Good? Happy? Sad?
Only your user experience can answer that question
Are your contents well aligned?
Is it easy to navigate through your website?
What about value proposition?
Does your contact form have too many fields?
It’s important to understand that the experience that your user get on your website will go a long way in retaining them and turning them into buyers

5. No CTA

: Oh, what action do you want your audience to take when they land on your website?

Do you want them to buy? To fill a form? To place a call? To book an appointment? To schedule a meeting?
If your Call To Action is not clear then, it leaves the customer confused and they eventually leave your website



These are just some factors that could affect the conversion rate of your website

Make sure to check for all these things before you publish your website for usage
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